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A Windows desktop database application for postcard collectors

This is a simple but complete software that postcard enthusiasts and postcard dealers can use to record all details of their collection, including pop-up images of the front and back of the card.

This application is simply placed in a directory or even your Windows desktop, and is ready to go. It doesn't change the registry of your PC.

Contact for further details.

(click the image for a larger view)

Here we see the main pane of the interface.

To the left is the self-generated list of categories under which the cards are filed. There is also a search facility (filter) for finding cards based on a word search.

In the top main frame is the list of cards in the selected category, with the high-lighted card open.

The details of the open card are shown in the bottom of the main frame, where a thumbnail of the front or back image can be selected. These thumbnails are clickable, opening full-sized pop-up images.

(click the image for a larger view)

Here we have the edit page for an individual card. The setup page for a new card is the same except that the fields are, of course, empty.

All details of the card can be edited in this view. It is also possible to add new terms to the drop-down menus from this view (in other words, while actually editing a card), as well as in a special selectable terms editor.

Images are picked up from where you have them saved on your PC.

(click the image for a larger view)

This screen shot shows two views of the editor for the selectable (dropdown menu) data. By adding these data either via this view of when adding a card, the user soon has a comprehensive set of pick lists that reduces keying in data to a minimum.

The number of times a term has been linked to a card is also displayed.