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Sales Gallery demo #1

On this page you see a gallery of postage stamps generated using the Sales Gallery tool. This provides for item Stock Number (mandatory) and item Name, plus popup image, description and price. The Buy /Enquire button can be enabled - this loads the item Stock Number and/or Name into the form where the user enters his details. Form contents are emailed to the address specified on the admin Settings page. A link to the appropriate eBay auction can also be enabled.

Images are uploaded and annotated one by one. We recommend the use of the Sales Gallery when a variety of layouts are required and/or when individually valuable items are being displayed for sale, some with links to eBay and others not.

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British Colonial Postage Stamps

A selection of pre-independence stamps, some from countries that retain their British era names, some from countries subsequently renamed and others from countries that no longer exist.

Click the small images for a larger display

Caribbean Possessions

CB1 Barbados, six cents

CB2 Bermuda, six pence

CB3 Turks and Caico, threepence

Fine, franked

Very good, franked

Fine, unfranked. Engraving of the Houses of Parliament, London.
Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

CB4 Trinidad and Tobago

CB5 Trinidad and Tobago

CB6 Trinidad and Tobago

Franked 1952, view of a bay in Tobago. Flawless condition.

Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

CB7 Jamaica

CB8 Jamaica


Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0


African Possessions

A1 Gold coast, halfpenny

A5 Gold Coast tuppence

A6 Gold Coast sixpence

Very good, franked. Engraving of a member of the NT Mounted Constabulary.

Heavy frank. Bush telegraph

Cocoa farmer
Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

A2 Goldcoast, penny

Golf Coast Pennyhalfpenny

Very good, lightly franked. Christiansborg Castle

Council Emblem
Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

A10 Uganda 5 cents

A11 Uganda 50 cents

Uganda, Kenya and Tanganyika - dhow on Lake Victoria

Uganda, Kenya and Tanganyika - dhow on Lake Victoria
Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

The Mediterranean

M1 Malta Halfpenny

M2 Malta Penny

M 3Malta Tuppencehalfpenny

Fort H.M.S. St. Angelo

Verdala Palace

D'Lisle Adam entering Mdina
Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

Price: $0.0

M6 Cyprus one and a half piastres



Kyrenia harbour

Price: $0.0



Indian Ocean

IN3 Maldives five cents



Price: $0.0



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