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Just released!

v.2.0 of the ammonet Gallery CMS designed for the antiques, collectibles and art sectors and for anyone who requires attractive visual display of sale items. No technical skills required. Fast, easy and effective web site design and construction. Visit the ammonet Gallery CMS site demo.

Release 2.0 of the ammonet ImageServ server side image manager is now available to all ammonet hosting customers - details under Products.

Release 2.0 of the ammonet secure credit card data transmission system is now on-line. This is a browser-based solution for sending credit card and cheque details from customer to merchant via the internet, with encrypted storage on our secure server. This service is available free to all ammonet customers. It costs $104 per year (only $2 per week) for non-ammonet users and $52 for booksellers. Please refer to Security for details.

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The ammonet country lodgings and small hotel on-line reservation web site is now open for business at



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