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Software and Website Development Steps

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ammonet InfoTech offers both web site art designers and web site coding experts to ensure that your site is both attractive and functional.

Project realisation usually follows these steps:

1) Initial contact - you approach us with a more or less detailed outline of your project.

2) Clarification - we respond with questions and suggestions.

3) Initial proposal - once the main issues have been clarified, we provide an outline describing how we would develop your system, and indicate a price range.

4) Preliminary contract - if our proposal is satisfactory, we ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement and make an initial payment. This applies only to large scale projects.

5) Detailed specification - we in turn prepare a first draft of the detailed specification of the project. This is refined between us until we are all satisfied that it describes the final project exactly as you want it.

6) Final contract and price - we provide the final price for the project and, if you agree to it, the development contract is signed.

7) Development - during programming, we ask you to test the modules as they are completed to confirm that the specification is congruent with the purpose of the project. It is inevitable that small refinements will be required on a project of any size. In the case of a very large project, we request payment as the various milestones are passed, as specified in the contract.

8) Deployment - the software is deployed, followed by a period of final refinements and debugging, as provided for in the final contract.

9) Hosting, maintenance, SEO and promotion - we are always happy to provide hosting and long term maintenance and support for projects that we have developed. Obviously, this applies especially to websites. Our hosting and maintenance plans include promotion of your site in the search engines and, where appropriate, by means of traffic sent to your site from our advertising portals.

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