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The Role of Facebook in Search Engine Optimisation

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Provide links to your Facebook pages plus an easy method for your visitors to "like", "recommend" and "share" your web page content on their own G+ and Facebook pages.

Having established your Google Plus and Facebook pages, it's a simple matter to use AddThis and similar free services to provide links on your webpages that allow your visitors to "like" and "share" your web page and Facebook page content on their own social media. On rare occasions, shared content "goes viral" and your obtain real benefit in the form of traffic to your website. However, what we are emphasizing here is the SEO benefit in which Google detects that your content is shared or at least recommended among like-minded users, thus establishing your "expertise" in your sector and helping to rank your verified web pages higher in its search results.

Note that we're not discussing the huge subject of Facebook marketing here. Facebook content amplification is the current methodology of choice for Facebook marketers because of the increased engagement, inexpensive cost and news feed prominence. However, Facebook marketing is a huge subject in its own right which is more or less separate from using Facebook for SEO for your website.

The following are some of the Facebook pages that we have created to promote our Tuscany tourism websites. We encourage all of our Tuscan customers to "friend" these pages so that we can reciprocate and share content and links.

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