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Until a few years ago, websites were maintained mostly by means of local office HTML editors such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver from which modified web page files were uploaded to the hosting server. More and more sites are now based on databases housed remotely on the hosting server. Website modification and update are carried out via an interface accessed using a web browser.

The Apache server software allows web sites housed on Linux servers to display URLs (webpage addresses) that look like static website file names, a process know as URL rewrite. These are easier for search engines to access and more readily grasped by users. The CMS can be accessed from any device that has a connection to the internet, independent of geographical location, making it easy for a group of users or a user on the move to update a site.

ammonet has developed and hosts a considerable range of CMS web sites, using both Java and PHP. PHP has the virtue of simplicity and stability, while Java provides a huge range of function libraries. Both are open source.

Our simplest system:

  • allows pages to be added, deleted and modified.
  • images and text can be boxed or not, font colours and page element backgrounds are easily specified.
  • popup image / thumbnail combinations are generated automatically.
  • image galleries with dozens of popup pictures can be generated at the click of a button. Image management can be carried out using our free ImageServ but this is not mandatory.
  • enquiry forms that transmit email to the site owner are easily incorporated.
  • email addresses are automatically obfuscated as they are typed into the text boxes so that they cannot be harvested from the internet by spammers.
  • where the site is multilingual, a page layout need be generated once only, making it easy to enter the translated text into a fully-formatted page.
The website you are looking at now runs on the ammonet CMS.

ammonet CMS Portfolio

Here we present a small sample of the more than 100 websites running on the standard ammonet CMS and on slightly modified versions of the standard CMS

(For freeware CMS websites realised by ammonet, please click here and for custom CMS developments carried out by ammonet, please click here.)

Tuscan wine tours

Tuscan wine tours

This site uses both vertical and horizontal navigation bars to provide more direct access to the pages. A multi-frame slide show provides initial capture of attention.

Tuscan Wine Tours offers guided wine tasting tours to wineries in Chianti, Montalcino, Montepulciano and elsewhere in Tuscany.


Agriturismo Il Santo

Il Santo Azienda Agricola - Chianti Classico wine, olive oil, agriturismo

This site uses the ammonet server side CMS - content management system. Although running on a database, the page URLs are re-written so that they are easily read by search engines and easily bookmarked.

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