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Auto Gallery demo #1

On this page you see a two page gallery of ancient coins generated using the Auto Gallery tool. This provides for item Stock Number and item Name, plus popup image, brief description and price. The Buy /Enquire button can be enabled - this loads the item Stock Number and/or Name into the form where the user enters his details. Form contents are emailed to the address specified on the admin Settings page. A link to the appropriate eBay auction can also be enabled.

Images are uploaded collectively in response to a single click from a directory that you select. This fast upload works extremely well in tandem with the ammonet ImageServ image manager, but equally well with FTP if your images have all been prepared locally. We recommend the use of the Auto Gallery when you wish to load a large number of images quickly and where the description will be brief. Images uploaded in this way can be individually hidden, for example when an item is sold. If you add further images to the image source directory, clicking an Update Gallery button adds these images to the gallery. The order in which items are displayed can be defined. Note that multiple gallery pages are navigated via page number links at the top and bottom of the gallery (not of the pages, in contrast to the Sales Gallery), so that any text pages remain visible and consistent from one gallery page to the next.

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Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins

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