Ebay sellers will find the link to eBay option of the ammonet CMS extremely valuable in linking between their web site and their eBay auctions

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For eBay sellers

Every serious eBay seller should have a web site. Setting up a professional-looking site using the ammonet Gallery CMS (Content Management System) is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your sales. The aim is to use your auctions on eBay to drive business to your web site and vice versa. How does this work?

After setting up a web site displaying your stock, you can use your auctions on eBay as a highly effective advertising tool for your own site. Place a line of text in your auction description offering information about yourself and your stock in response to clicking the "About Me" page link on the eBay site. Create an attractive and informative "About Me" page there and suggest viewers visit your web site via a clickable link.

The key factor is that many internet buyers strongly prefer to order immediately from a web site at a predetermined price, even if they pay a little more, rather than wait for the end of an eBay auction which might be days away and which they are not sure to win. Therefore direct them to your web site where they can secure the item of interest and in addition see other related material that might also be of interest. (Remember eBay's rules about selling the same thing at auction and on your web site. If your product sells on your web site for the same or a lower price, eBay will cancel your auction. So price the item slightly lower on eBay. An alternative is to use the ammonet Gallery visibility feature that lets you hide an item while you have it listed on eBay.)

eBay is the number one auction site on the web. You can make money selling on eBay, but you can make more selling from your own web site. This is because of the high cost of listing on eBay, and of featuring and selling fees. A full-featured auction with all the options can cost over $130. You have to sell a very expensive item, or a lot of products in a dutch auction to recoup your initial outlay. On the other hand, if a few auctions on eBay are feeding traffic into your web site where your complete stock is displayed, you will make a much better profit because there are no eBay selling fees from your web site.

In addition, your web site is a great place to display your inventory and generate sales between auctions.

ammonet Gallery also lets you send visitors directly to your eBay auctions. These links appeal to buyers who are curious to see how many bids there are for a particular item and how the price stands. Many bids and a high current bid will send them right back to your site to buy immediately!

Here's an example - click the eBay link.

Engraving after Callot - Luxuria


Etching, about 1630, in reverse after Jaques Callot (*1592 Nancy ?1635), probably by Fran?ois Collignon (*1609 Nancy ?1657). from the suite "Seven deadly Sins". 2.68 x 1.85 inches (sheet) on fine laid paper. In good condition.

Price: $0.0
Click here to bid on this item at eBay Click here to bid on this item at eBay


Accepting payments via your web site

Just having the web site also lends credibility to your business. One of the most valuable reasons for having a web site is that it acts as a platform for your customer service that can be integrated with your auctions.

Another benefit of a web site is the ability to use your web site as a credit card processor for your auctions and off-site sales. When someone wins an auction, just direct them to your ammonet Secure card data input page, if you have the possibility to process cards off-line, or otherwise to a link to your PayPal account. Your customers can now pay for the item with a credit card or PayPal via your web site. You can also use the web site to process off-line orders if you sell at flea markets or other places.

A web site plus the ability to accept credit cards, greatly enhances your eBay auctions. If you cannot get a merchant credit card account, PayPal can fulfill this function with their Website Payments Pro service. There are no set-up fees and transaction fees are far less than most credit card companies charge. Even if you do have a merchant account, you should also use PayPal on your web site because many eBay buyers prefer it to using credit cards.

Brand your eBay presence

Let us create an attractive banner for your site. Link it to all your eBay auctions. This creates a two-fold benefit. eBay users who see your banner, might click on it to visit your site and you make the sale immediately. Others will consider you to be a more professional and established seller than much of your competition because you spent the time and money to create a high-class banner.

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