The CMS sales gallery allows a wide variety of display layouts on the gallery pages.

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Sales Gallery with Enquire/Buy and eBay links

The ammonet Gallery CMS provides two forms of gallery page - a Sales Gallery, where each paragraph and cell is edited individually, and an Auto Gallery where large numbers of images can be loaded with a single click and then individually populated with text. The Sales Gallery provides a greater range of customised display possibilities.

Here we demonstrate a Sales Gallery. The various types of items displayed have been individually grouped and are navigated as a dropdown submenu of the main menu link "Sales Gallery". In addition, some item groups have multiple pages navigated via page number links at the bottom of the pages. The page number links are generated automatically when you enter a page break.

To explore the Sales Gallery demo, please click on the submenu links on the dropdown.

The Buy/Enquire link opens a popup form already populated by the Stock number and/or name of the item the user plans to buy or enquire about. Further fields allow the user to enter contact details and any questions or comments. The form contents are emailed directly to you so that you can reply to the enquiry or make arrangements for the sale by informing the buyer whether the item is still available, what the shipping options are and how you want to be paid.

The eBay link is a simple link to your eBay auction for a particular item.

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