Antique carpets, rugs, kilims, sumakhs, textiles and related collectible woven art

Antique, artistic and collectable carpets, rugs, kilims and textiles

This web page combines a collection of links to web sites devoted to antique and collectible carpets, rugs, kilims, textiles and related woven art, with an advertisement for ammonet web services. ammonet InfoTech is a web site design and hosting service that specialises in art sites and offers highly competitive web site development prices. Dr. Jack Benson, advisor to ammonet InfoTech, is himself a kilim collector and has an excellent insight into the aims and requirements of carpet and rug web sites. ammonet routinely designs multilingual web sites and our details are available in German at

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Turkmen Carpets - Turkmenische Teppiche

Turkmen carpets

www.rahmanan.comRahmanan Antique & Decorative Rugs offers an unusual and extensive stock of Oriental and European carpets, and American hooked rugs. Their pieces are selected primarily on the basis of aesthetic value and secondarily with respect to age and condition. Very useful links page.
www.marlamallett.comMarla Mallet specialises in antique flatwoven tribal Oriental rugs, kilims and bags, and also tapestries, embroideries and other textile art. This recommended site contains many attractive pictures of textiles and the people who weave them. Includes a bibliography, useful features on how to assess textiles, terminology and, not least, a trenchant assessment of the popular and highly romantic Çatal Hüyük story regarding the neolithic origins of kilim imagery. Gallery located in Atlanta, GA.
Jürg Rageth of Basel, Switzerland, exhibits rare anatolian kilims and other fine textiles, publishes beautifully-illustrated books in the field, and organises the Basel carpet conferences. Current information on forthcoming events and publications is given on his web site.
Joseph Lavian Antique Carpets carries a large selection of rare and unusual antique oriental - Persian, Indian, Turkish, Caucasian, Chinese, Central Asian - and European carpets and textiles. We specialise in meeting the needs of interior designers, decorators, architects, collectors and rug dealers worldwide.
Metropolitan Carpet is a New York City dealer in decorative antique rugs and carpets. Huge range of 19th & early 20th century European & Oriental (i.e. Persian, Indian, Turkish, Central Asian and Caucasian) carpets.
Abraham Moheban, NY City dealer in very fine decorative antique carpets from Europe and the Orient. Specialists in oversize and unusual pieces.
Haliden Oriental Carpets is situated in the beautiful city of Bath and is run jointly by Craig Bale, Andrew Lloyd and Owen Parry. They offer a comprehensive range of old and antique rugs, carpets and trappings, as well as a full restoration, conservation and cleaning service.
Walter Brew of Harlequin Thunderstrand sells antique and collectable rugs and bags from Anatolia, central Asia, the Caucasus and Persia. On-line catalogue. Leeds.
F.J. Hakimian of New York sell a top range of antique European and Oriental carpets. Among their antique pieces are carpets from Sultanabad, Tabriz, Oushak, Khotan and Agra along with Aubussons, Savonneries, Bessarabians and Axminsters.
The Textile Gallery, founded in 1972, presents antique textiles which express the highest and purest forms of this art. We are able to offer for sale examples from a wide variety of cultures, while specialising in textile art from the Near East, Central Asia and the Far East, including carpets from the 17th century and earlier. 12 Queen St., Mayfair, London W1X 7PL, England.
At Mougalian Oriental Rugs we buy and sell fine quality new, used and antique oriental rugs and carpets. Our show room in Scarborough, Maine, contains a wide selection of modern rugs from the major rug producing areas. Our antique oriental carpet collection includes Oushaks, Sarouks, Heriz and many other styles. Herat Ltd. specialises in old and antique oriental rugs, carpets and tribal weavings, with particular emphasis on Baluch, Afshar and South Persian rugs and carpets. Miami.
Frank Ames Rare Textiles and Oriental Carpets was founded 25 years ago in Paris and moved to New York City in 1986. Frank Ames is an active buyer and seller of antique oriental carpets, tribal rugs and bags, fine and unusual French, Paisley or Kashmir shawls and a wide range of period decorative textiles.
The Krikor Markarian antique rug and carpet gallery, located in New York in the heart of the wholesale rug district, specialises in collectable antique tribal rugs and other woven artefacts from the main Near Eastern and Asian weaving areas. We usually have on hand several fine 19th century Caucasian rugs and soumacs from the Kazak, Gendje, Karabagh, Shirvan and Kuba weaving areas.
Described as an Aladdin's Cave, the Kilim Warehouse stocks a wide variety of old, antique and new kilims and woven tribal artefacts. New kilims are also commissioned to be made exclusively for the Warehouse in various countries. The Kilim Warehouse Ltd., 28a Pickets Street, London SW12 8QB, England.
Rudolf J. Geissmann. We specialise in antique carpets and tribal kilims including the following: Baluch, Turkoman, Afshar, Kazak, Anatolia, Afghanistan, Persian, Central Asian and Chinese. 143 S. Cedros, Suite P, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA.
Peter Davies' gallery, Turkana, deals in antique tribal kilims and woven artefacts of the Near and Middle East as well as the Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia, the Balkans, and North Africa. The primary focus is a collection of both decorative and collectable 18th and 19th century Anatolian tribal kilims. His excellent on-line site is called The Tribal Eye.
TurkoTek is a comprehensive site devoted to collectable weavings, a (cyber)space where rug enthusiasts can connect. Our Salon du Tapis d'Orient is a moderated discussion group in the manner of the 19th century salon devoted to oriental rugs and textiles and all aspects of their appreciation.
The Lenkoran Gallery. Through years of travel we have quietly assembled an exemplary collection of 17th-19th century Caucasian, Anatolian and Persian oriental rugs, kilims and tribal bag faces. We also offer some rare and beautiful antique Scandinavian and Pre-Columbian textiles. 9 Rosslyn Mansions, 21 Goldhurst Terrace, London, NW6 3HD, England.
Paul Hughes Fine Arts. Paul Hughes' does modern carpet design and acts as agent for Marc Newson, Shiro Kuramata and Ole Wanscher. He is a well-known specialist in Pre-Colombian textiles. London. Gordon MacDonald of Gallery Persia specialises in old and antique Eastern tribal and village rugs, decorative carpets, kilims and tribal bags from the rug weaving and kilim weaving areas of Persia (Iran), Afghanistan, Anatolia (Turkey) and the Turkmenistan regions (Central Asia). We also offer a selection of old and antique wooden boxes, chests and tables mainly from the Swat Valley in the North West Frontier Region, including some lapis lazuli and cornelian jewellery pieces. Brian MacDonald. For 16 years I owned the well reputed Samarkand Galleries in Stow-on-the-Wold, eventually selling the premises in 2005. Today, I continue to work from my base in the Cotswolds as a dealer, consultant and lecturer, always stocking an exquisite inventory of antique rugs, dowry bags and carpets from the tribes and villages of Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Samarkand Gallery holds a huge selection of beautiful, handmade Persian and contemporary rugs. This unique Gallery holds the most wonderful and varied collections of antique rugs and tribal pieces. Here are hidden the most beautiful treasures such as rare Persian antique rugs,exquisite tribal pieces, lovely Aubussons, beautiful needlepoints and many more handmade works of woven art. Antique, Fine, Persian and Decorative Oriental/European carpets. Detailed Technical Analyses of Historic Carpets and Textiles. Clive Rogers, Oriental Rugs, Coach House Studios, Wraysbury, Berks. England. Non Plus Ultra presents a catalogue of antique carpets, tapestries, objects of tribal and textile art, as well as a list and location of the antique dealers in Milan belonging to the "Sindacato Mercanti d'Arte Antica". Aaron Nejad deals in rare and unusual oriental antique carpets from his London showroom. He specialises in both antique tribal rugs and room-size decorative carpets, offering a broad selection of Persian, Central Asian, Caucasian and Anatolian examples. The web site presents an eclectic selection of weavings, focusing primarily on Persian antique rugs of tribal and village origin, with a smaller selection of Caucasian, Anatolian and Central Asian pieces, including kilims, soumacs and bags. The Weaving Art Museum and Research Institute is a non-profit organisation. It plans to create new appreciation for masterpiece weavings produced in the eastern Mediterranean region and specifically those created by peoples whose social and economic lifestyles were far removed from the political and military centres of power which became ever more present in this region from the 15th century onwards. Beautiful and scholarly on-line exhibitions. Azerbaijan Rugs is a family business that has been engaged in the sale of Caucasian Rugs since 1896. Displays a very large range of Caucasian rugs from their country of origin. Much information about the history and art of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan.
www.buiblan.comJosé Pérez of Buiblan is a Spanish dealer specialised in antique Moroccan rugs and textiles, who has travelled extensively throughout Morocco over the past 17 years. Mr Pérez have walked some 3,000 km through remote tracks in very isolated mountains, mainly in middle Atlas region. His collection of rugs and textiles is selected following a rigorous appraisal, focusing in pieces with high quality materials and great artistic merit. Some of his pieces are among the earliest examples of Moroccan rugs and textiles available in the market today.

19 C Anatolian kilims (Manisa, Dazkiri, Konya) from the collection of Jack Benson.
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Antique Manisa kilim

Rara Dazkiri kilim

Elibellinda  kelim from Konya 19 C

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