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ammonet InfoTech offers an excellent range of top quality and affordable web development services. We provide many free hosting options that other services charge for.

Unique to ammonet servers - free to ammonet customers!

ammonet Secure

Secure credit card data transmission.


ammonet ImageServ

Server-side image manager.


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European domain names!

Also .com, .org, .net, .mobi, .pro, .tel, .jobs, .aero etc

Use our simple and universal interface to check on availability and order European and other worldwide domain names. Absolute minimum regulations and the best prices on the internet.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and website promotion

ammonet InfoTech offers a comprehensive SEO and promotion package for your website, with the unique advantage that we can provide incoming links from our own high-ranking websites. Our global on-site and off-site search engine optimisation includes:
  • Optimisation of your website metatags, content keyword densities, internal navigation, anchor texts, internal linking and site map.
  • Integration of your website with customised "social media" webpages including Facebook, Google+ and blogs.
  • Optimisation of your incoming linking strategy, including highly optimised links from our own websites.

Website CMS - Content Management Systems

The content of more and more web sites is now being managed from the server rather than by uploading from local web site editors such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Working with a basic site design, it becomes easy to add, edit and delete pages, and to create pages in different languages. Use of Linux servers allows URL re-write so that page URLs look like static html despite being generated from a database. Visit our CMS portfolio to see what we can do for you.

Just released!

v.3.0 of the ammonet Gallery CMS designed for the antiques, collectibles and art sectors and for anyone who requires attractive visual display of sale items. No technical skills required. Fast, easy and effective web site design and construction. Visit the ammonet Gallery CMS site demo.

Mobile Application and Software Development

With as much as 35% of website traffic originating from searches on mobile devices, for most sectors it is essential that your website be reasonably viewable on small screend, including those of mobile phones. In many cases you very likely require a website specifically designed to recognise that it has been downloaded on a mobile device and to display webpages developed for that viewing medium.

Project Recovery
Did you pick the wrong developer? Rapidly losing confidence in your provider? Contact us! We have the experience to assess and recover your project.


Database/Website Integration
We are mySQL/PostgreSQL + PHP/JAVA specialists. We have developed databases containing 16 million records searchable in milliseconds thanks to our proprietary indexing solutions.


Bookseller Website and Shopping Cart
List your antiquarian and out of print book inventory on our Antiquarian Books website with the option of a custom book search interface for your web site.

Bibliophile Bookbase



Tourism Websites
A free advertising for all customers hosting country hotel, agritourism or "art" city accommodation web pages with ammonet. Fiesole, Italy, Deruta ceramics, Val d'Orcia - valley of the river Orcia, San Gimignano, Italy.

Room to rent for student in Zurich.


Cartographical Websites and Databases
Rare maps :: Antiquarian maps :: Antique maps :: Rare atlases

We design and host websites and databases related to cartography, and to rare and antiquarian maps. Our customers include Map History and C.A.Burden Ltd. rare maps and decorative prints.


Website Design
Simple or complex, we have the skills to provide you with an attractive and user-friendly internet presence.
Web site design portfolio.


Website Promotion and Hosting
We host and promote both non-domain advertising pages on our sites as well as independent websites with their own domain names.


All ammonet accounts run on Centos and provide Apache HTTP server and are Java-enabled.






Chianti Classico
ammonet is the owner and promoter of numerous web sites related to tourism and wines in the Chianti Classico wine territory of Tuscany in Italy. Links from these Chianti wine web sites are available as promotion tools for our web site design and web hosting customers - for example:

Accommodations in Rome.

Florence Vacation Accommodations.

Information about Tuscany, Italy.

Chianti Classico


Inexpensive Domain Name Registration
Ask ammonet to design, host and maintain a web site for your scholarly society. Among our happy customers is The Hakluyt Society.


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