Wines, grappa and olive oil may be purchased directly from Terre di Melazzano in Chianti

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Chianti Classico wines direct from Terre di Melazzano winery, Tuscany

Chianti Wine Export - Direct Export of our Chianti Wines

Fattoria Terre di Melazzano has years of experience in shipping our top quality wines, olive oil and grappa throughout the world - cartons, pallets and containers. Import your Chianti wines directly from our winery in Tuscany, Italy.

Contact us now for details of our Chianti wine direct exports.

Fattoria Terre di Melazzano
Fattoria Terre di Melazzano

Chianti, or rather Chianti Classico, is certainly one of the most well-known Italian words in the world, as it serves to identify one area of its most noble product - wine. A unique territory of Tuscany, Italy, that includes both Florence and Siena and which is dominated by gently rolling hills clad in forests, vineyards and olive groves, the territory pivots around municipalities steeped in history and tradition.

The most central of these is Greve in Chianti. Indeed, Greve can trace its origins to mediaeval times when it was the market-place supplying goods to the castles and hamlets that looked out over the valley where the river of the same name flows: a tradition that has continued to this day with Greve's famous "Saturday market".

Chianti Classico vineyards
Chianti Classico vineyards and olives groves

Andrea Falciani
Andrea Falciani harvesting his grapes

The winery "Terre di Melazzano", whose name is part of the Chianti Classico territory of Tuscany, is to be found spread over a hill that leads to Monte San Michele, at just one kilometre from the centre of the town of Greve in Chianti.

Terre di Melazzano was already famous in the 17th century and has been run for the past half a century by the Falciani family, who have always been farmers here in Tuscany.

The Falciani family have rationalised the vineyards and selected new sangiovese grape varietals aimed at low yield and high quality, making Fattoria Terre di Melazzano an ideal source for your Chianti wine supplies.

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